Yielding Options

Bouquet Autocompounder

Bouquet auto-compounds your rewards periodically throughout the day. We forked the vaults from Beefy and their documentation can be found here.

Tulip.money Farms

  • You can also deposit your LP tokens on Tulip.money directly. Head over to https://tulip.money/farms and chose the farm you want to enter.
  • Approve the token on the website by clicking on "Approve TULIP-ROSE-LP" (or any other LP token).
  • Press on the "Stake" button and enter the amount of LP tokens you want to deposit.
  • You will start earning and the earned token and its value in $ will start increasing.

Compounding manually

You can compound your rewards manually, by claiming your tokens and repeating the steps from Creating Liquidity. As you need a 50/50 ratio in your token/ROSE, you can either:
  • Sell half of your rewards, and use this as an ROSE collateral to create more LP tokens.
  • Add more ROSE from your own wallet to create more LP tokens.